All about the Skimmer 25

The Skimmer 25 is a quality traditional boat, a modified sharpie, built along the lines of the famous Commodore Monroe Presto boats. (The Presto boats had been called the most seaworthy boats ever built in the United States by Nathaniel Herreshoff!) Skimmers are pleasing to the eye when seen, and they are a real joy to sail, for they are fast, closewinded, and stiff. (Speeds in excess of 10 knots are not uncommon.) By stiff we mean they do not heel very much. They are virtually unbroachable with their hard chines and lead ballasting. They can be singlehandled easily, and yet have good accommodations for four adults. Part of the fun of sailing a Skimmer is being able to sail in only 17 inches of water, for the boat with it's centerboard up only draws 16 inches. With it down, it draws 3'10". It only draws 2 or 3 inches at the bow, so it is easily beached almost anywhere.

Skimmers slide off and onto their trailers at any boat ramp. One person can raise or lower the mast by himself in just a minute. The boat converts from trailering to sailing in about 30 minutes for one person, and the same from sailing to trailering. Once on the highway, you can trailer it within the speed limits with absolutely no problems.

The interior accommodations are much roomier than one would believe possible. Forward is a large V-berth for two adults, length is 6'6". Aft of the V-berth is the dining/chart table over the centerboard trunk with settees facing it on each side. The settees convert to large single berths for two adults. (Actually, these berths would be called doubles on just about any other sailboat.) And aft of the settees and table is the work area with unlimited head room when the huge main hatch is pushed forward. Here you have the sink, ice box and galley table as well as great storage room for food, etc. Behind the companionway ladder to the cockpit is a large compartment where a porta-pottie is stored. Under the hatches in the cockpit is a huge amount of storage. The cockpit seats are 6 feet in length and could also be used for berths, or fill in the middle area for a large double berth.

The normal auxiliary power is an outboard from 5 HP to 9.9. A Yanmar diesel is also available as an option. We recommend the 9 HP single cylinder for good speed and long range. Also available is an electric power system by ELCO.

Skimmers are built to be virtually maintenance free. The outside brightwork can be either teak or a UV-resistant hard polyethylene that looks like teak. The interior is mahogany trimmed. If one wants to keep it simple, one needs no instruments except maybe hand-held radio, GPS and compass. (The GPS will give you your location and speed, the centerboard your depth.) However, if one wants electronic options, they are available.

Skimmers are inexpensive to operate. No marina slip is necessary. One can go to a different area every weekend, or for a vacation every month. They are capable of blue water passages, so going to the Bahamas and down island is no big deal. Each year you can go to a new fascinating area with a Skimmer, and even if by yourself, it is easy. Winter, spring, summer and fall, they are all sailing seasons with a Skimmer!

The Skimmers are not inexpensive. However, because only a few Skimmers are built each year, the value will be maintained over the course of the years. As a result, they will always have good value and one can enjoy it as one would a quality car or a piece of art. Furthermore sailing a Skimmer is so exhilarating, it has to be great medicine. It could keep you healthy for years to come! And for people with limited vacation time, the Skimmer gets you where you want to go and back within your time frame. Exploring areas all across America, Canada and the Bahamas is what this boat is all about. On the way, use it also as a camper.

The base price is $40,000 but we have kit boats available at $28,000 or as little as $15,000 for just the fiberglass parts. The normal kit would take 100 to 150 hours to complete. Many options are available. Most boats with trailer go out in the $45,000 range.

SKIMMERS are produced by our Skimmer Boat Division in Natchez, MS. They are 25.5' LOD, 30' LOA, 8'2" beam, and draft of 16" (CB up). Lead ballasted, hard chine, they are very stiff and fast. Built for trailering and putting in at any boat ramp, they are commodious inside and have unlimited head room in the work area. Good in heavy weather, but ideal for gunkholing. Each SKIMMER is built for singlehandling, they are great for extended cruising in places like the Bahamas for two people. You can beach them, no need for a tender. Powered by either outboard or a 9 HP diesel. They are virtually maintenance free boats, and no slip rentals necessary! For additional information and a video, call us at 800-824-0355.

The Skimmer sits low on its trailer and therefore eases off into the water at boat ramps in very shallow water. Getting back onto the trailer is just as easy.

The large V-berth is 6'6" in length as is the starboard settee-berth. The port settee-berth is 6' in length. All berths are very wide, almost the equivalent of doubles on other boats. All cushions are 3" deep. A l6" x l6" hatch with screen is standard and is placed either over the V-berth or at the forward end of the cabin.

When you enter the cabin from the cockpit, the icebox and sink are on your left and the chart/galley table is on your right. Remove the chart/galley table and the head is ready for use. A curtain can be drawn across the open companionway area or across the salon for privacy. With the main hatch open, you have unlimited headroom in this, the work area.

Forward into the salon, you have a folding mahogany dining or chart table over the centerboard trunk. The settees on port and starboard face the table. Behind the seatbacks and under the settees is ample storage space. When the settees are turned into berths, the seatbacks are pulled out and fitted across the aisles.

The boat can be sailed with the convertible top, or one can remove those portions not desired. The top can be extended to the back of the cockpit and mosquito netting can be substituted if wanted.

It is easy for one person to raise the mast. With some experience one should be able to go from trailer mode to sailing within 20 minutes.

The basic design parameters of our Skimmer 25 were to create a boat with classic good looks that would be delightful to sail, comfortable for gunkhole cruising either for a weekend or in far away places for months at a time, and easy to trailer and launch once you get to the water. We think our designer Reuel Parker, NA hit a bull's-eye.

She has the classic good looks of the old Sharpies with her gaff-rigged main and bow-sprit. She sails very well, light touch on the helm, and is surprisingly fast on all points of sail. Skimmers are quite stiff in heavy breezes, and are also very dry when close-hauled. With a board up draft of only l6 inches, it will be very easy to find isolated and snug anchorages.

The Skimmer is rigged for single-handling. The short main mast is an important part of what makes her easy to rig. One person can raise the mast and lower it, and one can even partially lower the mast with sails up when passing under bridges, then pop it back up again when on the other side. The sharpie style hull shape also makes her easy to trailer, launch and retrieve from most boat ramps. Diesel inboard auxiliary power is available or an outboard can be either attached directly to the transom or on a conventional bracket. You can outfit your boat with all of the amenities, or keep it simple. Standard features include four berths, a galley area, icebox, dining/chart table and portable head, plus many others. We also have a long list of available options.

With your Skimmer you need no marina slip, only a backyard or shed. Use the boat as a camper on your way to the lake or coast. Maintenance on the Skimmer is designed to be minimal, no brightwork, etc. Want more information? Give us a call or use our ONLINE INQUIRY FORM

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