boat anchors


The Best Holding Boat Anchors
in theWorld

A.B.S. Soft Mud Anchor Tests

 Can save you and your boat in a hurricane!

Super Max Anchors are the only anchors that work well in soft mud bottoms! They penetrate deeper because they have the largest fluke area of any on the market. Are the least expensive and lightest weight when recommended all-nylon rode is attached. Viewing a Super Max teaches advanced anchor technology
No glitz, just honest security!

boat anchors

"There just isn't a better anchor made!" Max owners  have said this to us over and over. They tell us about its remarkable holding power in hurricane winds, how it always sets the first time and how it sets without the need for chain. Scopes of as little as 1.5 to 1 have been reported to us with good holding! Ease of retrieval is another big plus for all owners. But the best thing about Max anchors according to all owners is that they work in all, that's right, all bottoms! Without fail! From grass to ooze to coral and all the normal bottoms, Max anchors grab in them all!
"If you don't agree, return it within 60 days for a FULL REFUND!"

This beautiful boat can be yours brand new! A cold-molded schooner hull can be made for you at our cost plus only 8 %. Design your own interior. This boat is fast, stiff and one of the prettiest boats you will ever see.
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Skimmer 25's have been out of production since 2004. However we normally have a good used Skimmer available at a good price. Please check to see what is available now. They are outstanding sailboats designed by Reuel Parker and similar to Ralph Monroe's "Presto" boats. They are fast, stiff, balanced and easy to set up from trailoring and reverse. Also easy to maintain, and the best looking little ships in the harbor!

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